Covid Policies

COVID protocols are taken extremely seriously at Arniston Lodge, due to the fact that we receive multiple unknown guests, and on average these guests will spend multiple days in the facility. Priorities are the protection of our team, the protection of our guests, and the reduction in the spread of COVID-19. We will accomplish this through precise and extensive cleaning protocols, and monitoring of guest health before and during arrival. Through this we aim to keep our premises a controlled safe zone.

Our designated COVID officer is:      Burger Dreyer – 084 403 7634

Arrival Procedures

Check-in should be as “contact-less” as possible. Upon arrival guests will be asked to follow social distancing principles and wear masks. Before entry to the house, hands must be sanitized. Luggage should also be sanitized. A check-in form including COVID screening questions will be answered by all guests in the party. Upon screening being successful guests are shown to their rooms.

All rooms have their own entrance.

Rooms are equipped with hand sanitizer and a surface sanitizer for use by the guests during their stay. Any questions that the guests have regarding cleaning etc can be addressed at this stage. During Covid outbreaks in outh Africa, guests and staff are to wear masks any time that they are in public areas of the house which are accessible by other guests (parking area, main lounge , garden etc)

Cleaning Procedures
  • Rooms are cleaned completely after every departure.
  • Sanitizing room/s after the departure of the guests.
  • Doors and windows are opened to ventilate room extensively for as long as practical before cleaning commences.
  • All surfaces are sanitized including all of the following – light switches, handles, door surfaces and edges, counter tops, sides and edges, cupboard surfaces and edges, windows are washed with sanitizer in solution.
  • Baths, basins, showers, toilets, mirrors are sanitized.
  • Kitchenettes are sanitized completely.
  • Crockery and cutlery are washed in the dishwasher.
  • All linen is shaken as little as possible while removing, and then transported to laundry in plastic bins.  Laundry is washed in temperatures above 60 degrees with detergent and bleach. Weather permitting, linen is dried in the sunshine. Bed linen is steam ironed. Towels are, in addition, tumble dried with high heat settings .
  • Curtains, couches, carpets, cushions are sprayed with sanitizer, and those which can be moved, are placed on deck during cleaning process, to be aired and exposed to sunlight.
  • Floors and skirtings are mopped using sanitizer solution.
  • Dustbin lids are sanitized
  • Common areas are cleaned on a daily basis.
Common Areas

Any common areas in the house should be treated as public space, and therefore government regulated social distancing applies – wear a mask at all times, sanitize, wash hands, and maintain at least 1,5m between yourself and another person. Please respect staff and other guests.


During active Covid outbreaks, all staff that enter the premises complete the screening questionnaire and have their temperature recorded. Hands are sanitized, after which work may commence. Masks are to be worn by all staff at all times while on site.

No units will be serviced while guests are in the room, for the protection of both guests and staff.

COVID Symptoms

Should any guest start experiencing symptoms while at Ridge House, they are to inform management immediately, either via phone on 084 403 7634, or in person with great care taken to be socially distant. If the person requires urgent medical attention, they can either transport themselves to hospital (we can assist and guide) or an ambulance can be called. If not medically urgent, guests are to isolate themselves and their contacts in their room, while management informs all other persons on site of the situation. A tracing exercise will be performed to determine whether any other guests or staff may have come into contact with the affected person.

Once all the relevant details have been established, arrangements can be made for the symptomatic person to be moved to hospital, isolated, or transported to their home for isolation.

Please be aware that COVID is a Notifiable Medical Condition. Failure to report symptoms, or COVID contacts to us, will put many people at unnecessary risk. We urge you to be responsible and considerate in this regard.

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